Mem Reduct 2.3

Henry++ (Open Source)

Mem Reduct is a memory utility program developed by Henry++. It is used for monitoring and cleaning the computer’s memory. When launching this application, it will automatically sit in the system tray and the program’s icon will display the physical memory usage in percentage. Double-clicking the system tray icon will show the program’s interface, which provides detailed memory usage information on the physical memory, page file memory and system working set memory. Information provided includes Usage, Filled and Total Available.

The application provides balloon tips on certain events such as when the memory usage has yellow level, memory usage has red level or memory was Auto-Reducted. These balloon tips can be configured on the program’s settings windows. Users can also adjust the minimum interval when showing the balloon tips (default is 60 seconds). When performing memory cleanup, the program has the ability to compare the memory before and after the task. Configuring memory cleaning is also possible wherein it is possible to choose the memory reduction areas (working set, system working set, modified pagelists or standby pagelists). Configuring the program to perform Auto-Reduct when the memory usage reaches a certain level is also possible.

Mem Reduct also offers System Tray Icon options, which can be used to set the program to refresh system information every certain amount of time or to change its color (yellow/red) when the memory usage reaches a certain level.