Able Apples (Shareware)

Melomania is a program used for organizing and cataloging a music collection. This allows users to manage a large collection of audio files from cassette tapes, vinyl records, and MP3s. The application has a simple interface that is easy to operate, even for those who are not computer savvy. The music library can be accessed from the left panel of the main window where folders and files are displayed. When a folder is selected, the files are displayed on the main area of the window.

Tools and menus are located at the upper portion of the window. The view of files can also be filtered according to the user’s preferences. This can be according to artist, genre, year, and others. Files can also be displayed as thumbnails, list, or icons. All the information imported to the application can be exported or printed out for the user’s reference later on. Users can also change the information for each audio file on the program.

Here are the other features of the Melomania program:

• Users can copy audio files from the music collection to the iPod
• Support for downloading album covers from a music database
• Support for automatically adding information for audio tracks