Melodyne editor 2.1.0

Celemony Software GmbH (Proprietary)

Melodyne editor is audio editing software developed by Celemony Software and released in June 2012. It allows users to manipulate vocal recordings to achieve audio tune and musicality. Melodyne editor edits intonation, timing errors, and volume. This software edits both monophonic and polyphonic recordings.

Melodyne editor allows users to manipulate individual notes and have them play in time with the beat. Melodyne editor users may even manipulate the duration that the tone plays. Users may edit the rhythm, the attack, and even the notes’ time course. Melodyne editor allows users to remove or add notes from chords. Users may implement doubling, construct chords, and even create second voices. Melodyne editor also has a Scale Detective function, which allows users to modify the recording scale. This program also allows users to edit even in the microtonal terrain.

Melodyne editor also features a sound library, which allows users to save several varieties of notes and chords. Users may modify rhythm, tempo, timing, melody, tuning, and harmony of audio samples. These can be saved and reused on will through the Melodyne editor’s sound library. Users will also have complete independence in designing the sound they create. Different instrument sounds may be swapped from one chord to another.  Melodyne editor also features Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) support. It can launch as a DAW plug-in or in stand-alone mode.