Social quantum Ltd (Freeware)

Megapolis is a building game in which players design, construct, and manage their own virtual cities. This game is available for mobile devices and online players through the social networking site Facebook. Players build hotels, residential houses, condominium buildings, and develop infrastructures for municipal, commercial, and industrial use. To make their city thrive and maintain a stable economy, players must be able to engage in sustainable industrial production, provide their citizens with utilities such as electricity and water, and oversee all of their city’s activities.

The first stages of the game focus on urban planning and design. Players must be able to plan their city well and know which structures to construct in a particular area in order to avoid wasting time and precious resources. As players progress through the game, they will be tasked to concentrate on the social aspects to improve relations with neighbors, obtain building materials not available in their city, and complete other construction projects. Players receive bonuses for adding other players as friends. By having friends, players can request for items and also send gifts to reciprocate.

In Megapolis, players must also be able to find ways to generate income for their city. Two methods of earning money for the city is by taxing citizens and engaging in manufacturing.