Capcom Production Studio 1 (Proprietary)

MEGAMANX8 is the eighth installment in the Mega Man X series of games. This game features Mega Man and his friends Axl and Zero, and begins at a time when the Earth is left in devastation after the fall-out of enemy Sigma’s ravaging of the planet in a bitter war. The humans are planning to evacuate and move to the moon and have been mass-producing robot reploids to kick off colonization. However, Sigma found a way to corrupt the robots’ DNA to make them attack the humans. Mega Man and his allies must then head to outer space in order to save the human population from the consequences of Sigma’s evil actions.

At the beginning of the game, players are given access to 3 characters, namely X, Axl, and Zero. X is a shooter who can wear different armor found in the stages, while Axl is able to transform, and Zero can do a double jump and fight with a sword. Players can use tag-team strategies and switch from one character to another. Two of the characters can go to a stage and one can be assigned as the navigator. The navigator serves to inform the player about the hidden paths or bosses in the stage. Players can collect items that can be used to buy upgrades with.