EFI Analytics (Shareware)

MegaLogViewerHD is a program intended for use with delimited and binary data logs. In general, it assists the user in gathering data, which can be used to determine what is occurring inside a system. This utility also offers a set of tools that can help improve overall efficiency. This program is designed to handle a huge volume of data.

Here are some of the features of this application. This program can be used to play back log files, create calculated fields, and view replay signals. This application has a compare mode wherein it is possible to overlay second file values. It also offers users with three-dimensional scatter plots for the identification of correlation. Users can opt to customize parameters such as gauges, colors, and UI features.

MegaLogViewerHD can be used to visualize data so that problem identification is immediately completed. Using this program, users can load the tune settings and data log and view them together. It also allows users to navigate through the data without difficulty. This application has additional functions, including application of custom formulas and built in analytics.

This program upports many different types of data logs including Motec csv Exports, TunerPro RT Exports, Power Commander log files, Shadow Dash for Android, Torque for Android, and a wide array of GPS output files.