MegaGlest Map Editor

MegaGlest Team (Open Source)

MegaGlest Map Editor is an application within the MegaGlest real-time strategy game. This is where the maps in the game are created. Maps control the layout of the different objects in the game while the appearance of the surfaces and the objects themselves are controlled by the tilesets. The appearance of the resources such as stone or gold are controlled by the techtree. With this map editor, players can control the placement and the attributed of bodies of water, the land height, the starting locations for units, objects such as rocks and trees, the resources, the height level of the camera, and the types of surfaces, such as roads and grass.

The maps created in the editor are divided into cells, with each cell having its own state: object type, surface type, height, and resource type. The features of the map MegaGlest Map Editor enable users to do the following:
• Indicate height – Higher values indicate higher ground; the lowest values indicate water and the highest ones indicate mountains. Height values are from 0 to 20.
• Indicate surface type – Users can select from five surface types.
• Place objects – An object can be placed in a cell; there are ten object types to choose from. There are two objects for trees, two for bushes, one for stone, one for an invisible blocking objects, and four for other objects players can specify.