MegaGlest Team (Open Source)

MegaGlest is a 3D real-time strategy computer game with elements of magic and historical fantasy. It is free and open source, and can be played on any platform. It is set in a fictional world that comprises seven factions, namely Romans, Egypt, Magic, Norsemen, Persian, Tech, and Indians. Together they are called the Megapack. Each of the factions have their own set of characteristics, building types, fighting styles, strengths and weaknesses, and upgrades. Players take control of the armies of one of the seven factions.

The game takes place on a map with 17 naturally-looking settings. It has features like seas, plains, mountains, fields, rivers, and mountains. Players must first be able to establish their own settlements and gather resources. They must create different units and buildings and upgrade everyone and everything to advance in the game. They must also defend their territory from other players. Units can be trained to defend settlements, attack enemies, and explore the map so players can see the lay of the land and discover available resources. These resources include housing, wood, energy, gold, stone, and food.

Beginners can start with the game’s tutorials to familiarize themselves with the game environment, The game comes with three beginner scenarios that prepare players for the more challenging parts of the game.