MegaGlest G3D Viewer

MegaGlest Team (Open Source)

MegaGlest G3D Viewer is a tool that enables players of the MegaGlest real-time strategy game to open and view G3D files, the game’s primary 3D modelling format. The G3D files contain the information on a specific 3D model used in the game, which includes texture links, colors, meshes, and animation. The G3D viewer loads the model and its texture and plays the animation if present.

The animations in the G3D viewer are smoothed out automatically so that an animation in five frames can look like a completed animation. Additionally, the viewer can stretch an animation to a specified time frame, so that a five-frame animation has the same length as that of a 20-frame animation. Users can also decrease or increase the animation speed by set amounts or reset the speed if preferred.

With this viewer, users can see the model’s wireframe and select the team color that the application renders. A model can be rotated so users can see all of its aspects. Aside from rendering the model’s wireframe, it can also render solid and normal models. Users have a selection of eight team colors to render models with. Users can utilize any background color for rendering. This tool also provides users with the ability to take screenshots with or without a transparent background.