MegaCloud 1.30

MegaCloud (Shareware)

MegaCloud is an application that lets users store their files online on MegaCloud's servers. When files are stored online ("in the cloud"), these files can be accessed on any device as long as there is Internet connection. There is no limitation as to what file can be stored online. Word documents, PDFs, images, videos, and much other type of files can be uploaded. To access these personal files from any device, users simply have to log on to the application's website. The application can also be downloaded as a desktop application. It then becomes a special "folder" in the computer. When files are saved in that folder, it will be synchronized online. When the user is working on a different computer, the files can still be accessed online. If the program is downloaded on another computer by the user, files saved on the 2nd computer (in the special folder) will sync with the first computer's special folder. Files can be moved to the special folder by a drag and drop functionality. There is no limit as to how many computers the user can download the program.

MegaCloud offers 8GB of free storage plus 8 GB for backup. It has a group-sharing feature wherein teams can access the files for easy collaboration. A unique feature is online editing. Word documents can be edited online. This removes the need to download the file so that it can be edited and uploaded when completed. Doing that only creates duplicate copies of the file. Another feature of this online storage is that it lets users play music directly within the application. This feature is available for videos as well.