Mega Zipper 1.0 (Freeware)

Mega Zipper is a compression utility that allows users to create and extract archived files. It supports different file formats including ZIP, APK, DMG, 7Z, GZ, and other popular formats. The program is simple and easy to use, which is ideal for novice computer users. The main window has command buttons located on the top portion of the main window. These buttons are New, Open, Add, Extract, Split, and Batch. There is a tree view on the left side of the screen that shows folders and subfolders. The main part of the window displays the contents of the archived file including the filename, date when it was modified, size of the folder, packed size, and its location.

When compressing files into a folder, users just need to select files from a list, choose the compression type to be used, and select the volume size. The ‘Add’ button must be clicked in order to finish the process. Users also have the option to add a password for compressed files. This adds a layer of security, so unauthorized users are prevented from accessing the contents of the archive. Mega Zipper also supports batch processing, allowing users to work on several items all at the same time.