Mega Mario Brothers

Andreas Weber (Freeware)

Super Mario Bros., a game that defined the childhood of many people the world over. The classic hit game paved the way for Nintendo to become a household brand. It is the game that set the standard for side-scrolling platformers the world over. It would be difficult to imagine the world of gaming and computing without the beloved Italian plumber and his brother. Many have spent countless hours discovering secrets, reaching high scores and developing techniques to beat the game as fast and with as high a score as possible.

Mega Mario Bros., developed by an independent coder going by the name of Cobex22 is a remake of the original game. Cobex22 clones the original Super Mario Bros. game. The developer copied over the levels, so the game has the same levels as the original Super Mario Bros. In the game, players take control of Mario. In the game, Mario’s brother, Luigi has been captured by the evil Bowser. Help Mario traverse the many worlds to find his brother Luigi. With updated graphics, better sprites and smoother gameplay, this is Super Mario Bros. for the new generation. Also, once the player successfully beats the game, he unlocks a special “cheater” mode.