Mega Manager

Megaupload Limited (Freeware)

Mega Manager was an application for managing downloads and uploads of files from the hosting website MegaUpload. The program has a simple interface. The main window consists of tabs for navigating through the different tasks that can be done with the application. The Download tab manages all the downloaded files from the MegaUpload website. The Upload tab is where the files being uploaded can be seen. When viewing these two tabs, users can see the progress of the uploaded files and downloaded files including the name of the file, the estimated time, and the elapsed time.

Mega Manager can be integrated into popular web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This can be done with a plug-in. This makes it easier for users to manage all downloaded files from MegaUpload. The program also has several options that can be tweaked by the user. Some of these are for the browser integrations, downloading, clipboard monitoring, and the connection. Users can specify the maximum number of connections, as well as the bandwidth limit. Mega Manager also has a link checker for checking if URLs are active.

The Mega Manager application is no longer available. The MegaUpload website was shut down in 2012.