Mega Airport Amsterdam

Aerosoft GmbH (Proprietary)

Mega Airport Amsterdam is a program developed by Aero soft for their Mega Airport series, which are games designed to simulate the ambience of commercial airports around the world. The series, which features such airports as the Budapest Ferihegy, Madrid Barajas, and Stockholm Armanda, has published a simulation game that closely mimics the goings-on at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The airport, the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, is occupied by some of the busiest terminals in Europe. In the game, every building and structure in the actual airport has been reconstructed suing the same modeling software that Aero soft uses for its other Airport Series games. Thus, the simulation offers several features exclusive to the game that include the following:
• Full support for Airport Enhancement Services (AES), a separate add-on for the games included in the Mega Airport Series.
• A ‘Light’ version of AES, which handles the complex algorithms and formulas that execute dynamic vehicular traffic in the game.
• Complete compatibility artificial intelligence found in airport simulation add-ons developed by third party developers, which include MyTrafficX.
• Photorealistic elements that are incorporated into static structures such as buildings, as well as real-time renditions of the time of the day, i.e., the solar cycle within the game imitates that of the player’s location.