Meeting Secretary

Compal Electronics, Inc. (Shareware)

The Meeting Secretary is an application that provides users with an online meeting service designed to record personal and conference video and audio. The result is a virtual personal media office that uses the video-tracking capabilities of the CMOS sensor and the voice beam formation tracking features of the Array Microphone. The tool has two modes: the single mode and the multiple mode.

In the single mode, the webcam detects only one person in front of the computer. The Meeting Secretary adjusts the webcam to automatically zoom in on that person and track his or her movements so that the person remains at the center of the display window. Then, the program controls the beam-forming and noise-suppressing functions to capture the audio effectively. The microphone options allow the user to highlight the recording of the person’s voice and filter out sounds from other sources.

In the multiple mode, the webcam is able to detect two people in front of the computer. The Meeting Secretary manipulates the webcam so that it zooms in on both persons and tracks their movements, making sure they are at the center of two display windows. Here, the microphone behavior setting is similar to that seen in the single mode. Using the main display window, the user can choose from five stream recording methods: Solo, Conference, Video, Video Tracking, and Snapshot.