Meet the Robinsons Game

Disney Interactive Studios (Proprietary)

Disney’s Meet the Robinsons is a time travel action-adventure game based on the Walt Disney animated movie of the same title. The player controls the character Wilbur Robinson, as he goes through various adventures that go beyond the movie’s plot and setting. The goal is to aid Wilbur in his mission to foil the plans of the Bowler Hat Guy and his mechanical hat Doris through different timelines. The game extends beyond the movie’s plot, thus broadening the movie franchise’s environment and gaining more challenges. With a number of weapons at his disposal, Wilbur must defeat opponents, solve puzzles, and chase Bowler Hat Guy, although the player must make sure that he or she does not alter the future.

In Meet the Robinsons, Wilbur’s missions include:

• Playing through more than 40 levels in environments that include the Robinson Mansion, Magma Industries, the Hive, and Ancient Egypt.
• Creating new gadgets with the Transmogrifier.
• Using the Charge Ball Glove to shoot electrically charged bolts at opponents and objects
• Engaging the enemies in a mini-game of Charge Ball

Likewise, other notable features include the ability to travel through time to change the future by altering the past and challenges such as solving puzzles, finding new items, and uncovering hidden upgrades, all while Wilbur tries to complete each game mission level.