Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms

The Creative Assembly Ltd (Proprietary)

Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms is a real-time tactics, turn-based strategy PC game expansion that was released in 2006. It was released on August 2007 by The Creative Assembly. This expansion pack contained four new and unique game campaigns. The four campaigns are the Americas, Brittania, Crusades, and Teutonic Campaigns. The game features single player and multi-player game modes. This game features 6 additional multiplayer scenarios and a Hotseat multiplayer mode.

Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms Americas campaign focuses on the discovery of the Americas by Europeans. Players can choose to join any of the factions including New Spain, the Apaches, Mayans, and the Aztec Empire. There are three unlockable factions including the Tlaxcallans, Chichimeca, and Tarascans. In the Brittania campaign, there are five playable factions namely: Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of England, Principality of Wales, Kingdom of Norway, and Kingdom of Ireland. In the Crusades campaign, players get to play as part of the Principality of Antioch, Byzantium, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Seljuk Empire, and Ayyubid Egypt. The campaign is set between the Third and Fourth Crusades. Each faction features a Hero character like Richard the Lionheart for Kingdom of Jerusalem and Manuel Komnenos for the Byzantine Empire. The Teutonic Campaign revolves around the Christianity-Paganism conflict between the different factions including the Kingdom of Denmark, the Teutonic Order, Novgorod Republic, and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.  The two unlockable factions are the Kingdom of Poland and the Holy Roman Empire.