Medieval 2: Total War

The Creative Assembly Ltd (Shareware)

Medieval II: Total War, released in 2006, is a real-time turn-based strategy game and the sequel to Medieval: Total War. It is the fourth installment in the Total War series of games. The game’s theme is medieval warfare, politics, and religion set between 1080 and 1530. The game offers two game modes: single-player and battles. The game offers a Tutorial for beginners. In the tutorial, players assume the role of William Rufus in the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Quest.

In the campaign, players must build and improve a civilization to conquer other factions. The military, social, and economic systems must be balanced. The main goal of the game varies depending on the campaign. For the short campaign, the goal is to beat 1 – 2 factions, and gain control over 15 settlements. For the long campaign, the goal is to control 45 territories and 2 major cities. Battles can be played in multi-player mode. The scenarios for battles are based on historical events, such as the Battle of Agincourt or the Battle of Arsuf.

Medieval II: Total War is a turn-based game. Each turn is equivalent to two years. The seasons (winter and summer) will also change with each turn.