MedicineOne (Freeware)

Technology has allowed people and businesses to centralize all information to effectively manage it and use it to communicate with one another. MedicineOne used this concept with its clients and developed information managing software with the same name. The application’s main purpose is to manage all information and communication between hospital facilities and its clients. Patients are able to access services and updates by their MedicineOne affiliated doctors or health facilities and vice versa. This would allow a faster and efficient way of updating clients without the hassle of going to hospitals or clinics for follow-ups.

MedicineOne’s key feature is its universal service for health facilities, doctors, and patients alike. They provide instant access to information about the facility - from operating hours to availability of services. They also provide centralized billing wherein patients would be able to obtain an estimate of the amount needed to undergo a specific surgery. For patients, the application provides services such as renewal of prescription, an effective call system, consultation of the next markings, request issuance of documents, and instant contact towards doctors or nurses, etc. The users are also able to access a private configuration of MedicineOne where users are able to manage and tailor the parameters of the application based on the user’s needs, whether the user is a clinical facility or a private owner of the software.