MediaWidget - Easy iPod Transfer 6.0.63

Bootstrap Development, LLC. (Shareware)

MediaWidget - Easy iPod Transfer is a program that transfers content from an iPod to a computer and vice versa. Every iPod model as well as those of iTouch, iPad, and iPhone can be used with the program.

The program can copy any kind of content between a computer and an iPod. Content that are transferrable include music, ratings, podcasts, cover art, videos, and photos. The application is helpful especially in cases when a computer is stolen, breaks down, crashes, or is newly purchased. It also is useful in sharing iPod content to other people, or transferring iPod content to multiple computers. Program interface is structured and has designated areas for podcasts, videos, music, and photos. A player that is built into the program can play selected tracks. Filters present content based on diverse criteria. A left-side toolbar contains buttons that encode data from a computer to an iPod and conversely. iPod content may be transferred back to iTunes. Transfer of content between new and old computers, new and old iPods, an old iPod and new computer, and an old computer and new iPod, is enabled by MediaWidget - Easy iPod Transfer. Playlists creation and modification, and direct music playing can be done using the program without the need for iTunes.