Mediator Runtime

MatchWare A/S (Shareware)

Mediator Runtime is an application that lets users create multimedia presentations one page at a time. It allows users to work in a runtime environment. This page-oriented authoring tool provides users with the capability to design and create interactive presentation on websites and CDs. Users can design presentations on a page-by-page basis and then create links between them to make these dynamic HTML pages. Users can also make Flash-based projects and use these in their presentations.

The process in making a project is the same, whether users are creating a web-based presentation or a CD. Additionally, knowledge and skill in coding and scripting is not required, so the application can be used even by those who have no experience in programming. This makes it easy for users of all skill levels to make and complete presentations. There are four steps to multimedia authoring using this application:

• Create pages – the application shows a Page List that contains basic pages and where users can outline and organize their pages. Users can add and delete pages as necessary, and make use of available templates.
• Add content – the application comes with a Toolbox that contains the tools necessary for placing content such as images, buttons, video, and text to a page. Content is added using the drag and drop method.
• Create interactivity – the application’s Events dialog box enables users to add interactivity to presentations, such as animations, playback options, and hyperlinks.
• Distribute – users can export their work to Flash, CD-ROM, and HTML.