MediaRing Talk

MediaRing Ltd (Shareware)

MediaRing Talk from MediaRing Ltd. is a program that gives the user the capability to call relatives and friends. Users can send instant messages as well, all of which are free. This tool allows for conference calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These are some of the notable features of this shareware application:
• Makes and receives calls via Internet phone all day any day from PC to PC
• Logging on is not required for use
• Automatic connection to the Web
• Automatic signaling

Mediaring Talk is one of the pioneering services that firs provided personal computers the unprecedented function of making Internet phone calls. The integration with the PC is seamless and anyone, even those who do not have any prior experience with an application of this kind, will have no trouble using it. The interface is very similar to that of the more popular IM layouts. Users who do not engage much in instant messaging will still find the interface simple to understand and easy to manage.
Before the program can be used, the user is required to create an account, validate it via e-mail, and then fine tune settings based on individual preferences. The settings also allow for customization of a contacts phone book, assignation of an image or avatar, and setting up of SMS messaging parameters.