MediaPortal TV Server 1.3.0

Team MediaPortal (Freeware)

MediaPortal TV Server is a component of the MediaPortal application for managing TV cards and streaming the signal of a television over the network. It allows users to create a central server with several TV cards. Creating a central server allows clients, such as MediaPortal, to use the server for watching live TV, EPG, and recordings over the network. Viewing and managing the Tuners settings installed in the Server is also possible.

This TV Server offers several capabilities including:
• Automatic recognition of installed TV cards
• Recording and viewing several channels simultaneously per transponder
• Record TV Shows, scheduled shows, and streamed shows
• Play DVB radio and encrypted DVB radio
• Grab DVB-EPG and DBV-MWH (also available even if MediaPortal is not running)

MediaPortal TV Server includes a Configuration Tool, which is used for configuring the TV Server and other aspects connected with it. Configuring the TV settings after configuring the TV server is also required. The Configuration Tool for MediaPortal TV Server is divided into several categories with each section connected to various parts of MediaPortal including TV Channels, Radio Channels, DVB EPG, Recording, Timshifting, and others. The program also has its own log directory, which displays the TV Server logs.