MediaPortal 1.15.0

Team MediaPortal (Freeware)

MediaPortal is a media center application that was first released in 2004. The program comes with tools and applications that allow users to watch videos, play music, and record live television shows. Users can also add plugins for added functionality. The application has its own TV server that streamlines tasks to the client software. The server-client program can be used to watch live shows, schedule recording of shows, and search for data.

The program can act as an audio player. The built-in player or a different music player can be used. Some of the features of the audio player include display of album art and artist images, shuffling, and scrobbling. Audio tracks can be organized in multiple ways (alphabetical order, by album, by artist, genre, etc.). Playback effects, such as gapless playback, fade in/fade out, and crossovers are available, too. In addition, users can also listen to Internet radio stations.

MediaPortal is capable of playing video files in different formats, as long as the right codecs are installed in the computer. The software is capable of displaying video and actor details once the movies are included in the database. It automatically searches for movie covers, genre, actors, and other movie details from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

MediaPortal can be controlled using any device that is supported by Windows. These include a PC remote, keyboard, mouse, Wii Remote, Android and handset devices, Kinect, and Gamepad.