MediaPlayerLite (Open Source)

The MediaPlayerLite application is a video and audio player that runs on Windows. It has support for popular media file types such as WMV, FLV, XVID, AVI, and MOV, among others. Users can also utilize this program to play their DVDs with. This player can also load large, high-definition videos in MKV, H.264, and MP4 AAC format without skipping or loss in video quality. This application is also capable of recording and playing television shows if a TV tuner is installed in the computer.

This application makes use of a graphics processing unit or GPU to retain video quality and make loading media files faster. Even so, the application has a small file size and does not take up a lot of system resources when in use. MediaPlayerLite’s video playback support includes external subtitle files and can even assist users in searching for subtitle files online.

The graphical user interface of MediaPlayerLite is simple and resembles that of other media applications, particularly Windows Media Player Classic. This application does not need Windows codecs in order to run; it may simply be downloaded and installed prior to use. Users can load files from their media library or from external devices, such as a thumbdrive.