MediaOne 2.0

Corel, Inc. (Shareware)

MediaOne is an application developed by Corel that is used to organize photos and videos. The program serves as an electronic album for photo management. Users can arrange, view, edit, and print photos using this application. It has a feature that can create slideshows and calendars with transition effects. The application has a Smart Collection tool that displays photos according to creation date, file name, type, photo ratings, and tags for easy search.  Searching photos can be optimized by combining two or more criteria. This makes it easier to search for a specific file among hundreds of photos stored in the computer. The application provides effective sorting features for faster search. Aside from Smart Collection tool, it has other features like Photo Tray tool that saves previous work like printing, recording, and copying. BackUp Online Tool is used as a back storage of photos online. The maximum file size of a photo for online backup is 50 MB.  

Mediaone has different editing functions that make use of the user’s creativity. Users can rotate photos in different angles and can adjust the color for contrast and brightness.  Photos can be resized and cropped into smaller ones.  Users can fix red eyes and add effects to the background like picture frame, sepia, and black and white.