MediaInfo 0.7.87 (Freeware)

MediaInfo is an application that displays technical information on media files. The program’s interface is simple and provides all the tools needed for viewing metadata. The program detects the file’s bit rate, title, track number, and duration, as well as the format, codec used, language, chapters, and many more. It can also detect tags, subtitles, and other important information.

On the general information window, the program offers users to access the website for a suggested player for the type of file or the website of the video codec. The information gathered by the application can be of use to advanced computer users.

Users have the option to export all the gathered information as a text file, HTML, or CSV file. This can be used for managing a large media library. MediaInfo supports several audio and video formats including AVI, WMV, Quicktime, OGG, MP3, and many more. Subtitle input formats supported are SAMI, ASS, SRT, and SSA. Apart from these formats, the program also supports less popular audio and video formats.

MediaInfo is often bundled with other programs, such as Media Player Classic, eMule, XMedia Recode, and others. It can also be added to other programs by adding a .dll file (MediaInfo.dll).