Mediafour MacDrive 9.3.2

Mediafour Corporation (Shareware)

MacDrive is an application that allows users to access and manage Mac hard drives on Windows computers. The program allows users to access Mac-formatted devices, including discs, and flash drives. The program’s main window consists of three parts. The first part is for exploring connected Mac disks. The second part, Create Mac disks, allow users to format or repair a Mac disk or burn a Mac-formatted CD or DVD. Lastly, the Manage MacDrive option allows users to change the options and setting for the application. All the MacDrive features can be accessed from the Quick Start Launcher. With MacDrive, users can easily migrate files and folders to and from Mac and Windows computers. This can be done by connecting and transferring files from the Mac-formatted hard drive.

MacDrive is also useful for users who have Mac computer with the Boot Camp utility. The Boot Camp utility is a program that allows Mac computers to run the Windows operating system. With the MacDrive, users can access files from both the Windows and Mac platforms and transfer them easily.

MacDrive works with the following devices:
• iPods
• floppy disks
• Iomega Zip
• Time Machine

Computer connections supported are eSATA, SATA, USB 2.0 and 3.0, SCSI, etc.