Mediafire Getter v4.4

Thuan Viet Software (Freeware)

Mediafire Getter v4.4 is a link and download manager developed by Thuan Viet Software. This platform is designed specifically for download links from MediaFire. This tool supports obtaining MediaFire download link folders as well as its subfolders. Once obtained, the program will download files through the links in order. Links will be queued accordingly and the system will do its job without manipulation from the user.

If a link fails to download, the platform will retry downloading on its own. There is no need for users to monitor the download themselves. The program will retry downloading three times. This tool is also capable of making redundant downloads; it automatically removes duplicate links and continue downloading the files as indicated on the links. Links used for downloading can also be converted to various file types as needed by the user.

Added features include obtaining HTML links and arranging these on the download manager before commencing with the download. This tool can also filter links on the clipboard that utilize image links such as JPG, FLV, GIF, and BMP.

Mediafire Getter v4.4 supports download timer. Users can configure when it should start and stop downloading. Shutting down the computer after downloading can be set up on the platform. The platform has easy to navigate interface that lets users set up a download schedule as necessary.