Stanley Huang (Freeware)

MediaCoder is a universal media transcoder that was first released in 2005. The program utilizes several open source audio and video codecs in order to transcode files. Converting files to different file formats are done quickly and the output is high quality. The MediaCoder can be used from reducing the size of audio and video files, converting media content to be compatible with media players and portable devices, and fixing corrupted video files.

Other features of the program include the following:
multi-threaded transcoding
job-level parallelization
hardware encoding acceleration (Intel SandyBridge, NVIDIA CUDA)
supports lossy, lossless, and storage and streaming formats
full file customization

The software’s interface has all the tools needed for transcoding files. The quick access buttons can be found at the top portion of the window (add, delete, play, stop, etc.), while the bottom portion of the window shows tabs for generic, video, audio, sound, container, picture, and other options to customize the output of the file. Users can also view a statistics window that shows queue stats, and the performance of the program.

The MediaCoder software has a lot of features that advanced computer users will be able to use. The program also has versions for the iPhone/iPad, PSP, and handsets.