Media Server Tool

DigiOn, Inc. (Proprietary)

Media Server Tool is a media server application developed by DigiOn, Inc. It is specifically used for delivering multimedia content to certain client devices that are linked to a home network. The application offers CDS (Content Directory Service) features, specifically CDS:Browse and CDS:Search actions. These features allow users to filter and sort tags for all the multimedia metadata. The CDS:Search function also features an advanced filtered search action. It also offers the SearchCriteria function, which can utilize all the metadata as descriptors.

Aside from CDS features, Media Server Tool also offers Content Categorizing feature. This feature provides a class structure that is based on metadata and media class. This allows users to expose and classify multimedia content without having to rely on the public directory structure. The program also automatically syncs metadata whenever multimedia contents are modified, added, or deleted. The application offers various content distribution features as well. It offers JPEG data transcoding actions and a seek feature supporting Byte-Range Seek and Time-Based Seek for each audio and video format. Aside from this, Media Server Tool also features an HTTP Server capable of streaming HTML content. This HTTP server is separate from the application’s streaming server used for distributing multimedia content.