Media Saver 1.4 (Shareware)

Media Saver is created in order to facilitate the saving of audio files and video files sourced from different websites to a personal computer or laptop. This enables users to listen to music files and watch videos of their favorite movies and shows online and on TV even while they are offline.  This utility is capable of saving files from social networking platforms as well.

High quality audio and video files from the web are saved on the computer that runs on Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. As soon as these files are on the computer they may then be stored in DVDs or CDs for future reference. Digital files last forever and this means that once on the computer the files saved from the Internet will remain intact for a very long time and each of them can be shared to friends and family members.

Saving files has never been easier with Media Saver. It is convenient to use. After launching Media Saver, the users simply need to specify the files that need to be saved. This versatile tool will download from the sites identified in a jiffy. To save the files in a specific folder, the user has to double click on them. Afterwards, users can savor the wonderful music or movie files.