Media Player Classic 1.6.4

Gabest (Freeware)

Media Player Classic is a compact multimedia player. It was initially released in 2003. Media Player Classic is capable of playing VCDs, SVCDs, and DVDs. It can also play a variety of media formats such as AVI, MPEG, and MP4 to name a few. It also supports video formats native to other players like QuickTime and RealPlayer. Playback for some media formats require downloading of codecs from the Internet. A codec is a program used to encode and decode digital data allowing transmission and playback of video and audio. Media Player Classic also has support for subtitles. It has a captions link that can direct a user to a website that contains subtitles in different languages. This option can be changed into a user’s favorite subtitle website. Media Player Classic can also support playback and recording of television programs provided that a computer has an installed TV tuner.

Media Player Classic features a simple user interface. As its name suggests, it sports a classic, retro look reminiscent to the old Windows Media Player. Hot keys and shortcut keys can be easily changed or customized. Video playback speed can be easily changed as well as other essential settings for playback of audio and video files.