Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

MPC-HC Team (Freeware)

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is a freeware media player application created by the MPC-HC Team. The program is based on the Media Player Classic application and it is written in C++ programming language. It is also the first program to implement a support for color management.

The Media Player Classic – Home Cinema application contains features found in the Media Player Classic program. However, other features were also added. One of the added features in this program is the Anti-tearing option. Screen tearing is a known visual issue that usually occurs when the display’s refresh rate is not in sync with the device’s video feed. The Anti-tearing option provides configuration settings to fix this problem.

The Media Player Classic – Home Cinema program features Subtitle Synchronization. This is used to add subtitles during playback. The program can also be customized with its Custom Toolbar. It also features a built-in DVD player with a real-time zoom and an On-Screen Display. The program offers television playback and recording features. However, these features can only work if a TV tuner is available. It also added more video decoders specifically VC-1, MPEG-2 with DirectX Video Acceleration and H.264.

The Media Player Classic – Home Cinema application supports Shuttle PN31 remote control, Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) and Multi-Monitor configuration.