Media Manager for PSP™

Sony Creative Software Inc. (Proprietary)

Media Manager for PSP is an application that enables users to organize the content on their PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming consoles. It has the ability to convert and transfer music and image files from computers to the PSP. In addition, it also lets users download and copy video and other media bought from the PlayStation Store to the PSP. This application has been replaced by a new program, called Media Go. The new application has the same functions as the previous one, but with added features.

Media Go enables users to browse the PlayStation Store from their computers and download different kinds of media, such as games, television series, game demos, movies, and comic books. After downloading, users can connect their PlayStation Portable consoles to their computers using a USB cable. The application will then assist users in transferring the downloaded files to the PSP.

In addition to functioning as the PSP’s download and media manager, Media Go also has the following features:

• Lets users rip songs from their audio CDs for transferring to their PSPs; users can also search for the album art and artist information
• Allows users to try out game demos and purchase exclusive games from the PlayStation Store
• Enables users to rent movies and television shows from the Store
• Provides users with access to the podcast directory and lets them subscribe to feeds such as video blogs. The application will retrieve new episodes automatically
• Synchronizes media content