Media Finder

Media Finder (Shareware)

Media Finder is a program that enables users to search and download various media files from the Internet. This program can be used to search media files such as videos, audio files, images, documents, programs, and archive files. Media Finder allows users to search and directly download various media files using a single program eliminating the need to open multiple internet browsers. This program works by allowing users to search the internet for media files using a key word related to the program. Users can type in the file name, a description, or the artist and genre in the case of music files. Media Finder provides users with both a simple search bar and an advanced search bar where users can specify the search fields for the media files that they are looking for.

Media Finder has a clean and simple interface where users can select the category of the media file that they would want to search and download. The main display window has three tabs: the browse tab, search tab, and downloads tab. The browse tab is a built in web browser that allows users to search for multimedia content with a web browser interface. This section also contains suggested links to other sites that contain media files. The search tab is where users can perform searches for their media files. This section provides a search bar on the top portion where users may type in keywords related to the media file. Located below the search bar are media button icons that enable users to filter the search results according to category. The program shows all media files related to the keyword in the default search. The space below the media button icon is the search display list where the resulting media files are shown. This section also displays file information such as the file name, file size, file type, file rating, and source. The final tab contains the download library where all downloaded files are organized according to its category. Users can view and open their downloaded media files in this section.