Media Cope 4.0

Media Cope (Freeware)

Media Cope is an application used for managing and editing different kinds of files, such as photos and images, audio files, and video files. It has some basic tools for cutting, converting, joining, and resizing files. The program has a simple user interface that has all the command buttons located at the bottom part of the screen. Some of the command buttons include Open, Play, Stop, Repeat Playlist, and Screenshot. Other options at the bottom part of the window are for the frame step, ratio, and media information.

Media Cope supports a wide variety of audio and video file formats, so users do not need to look for another player in order to preview files. The tools included in the application can be accessed from the top portion of the main window. Some of the tools included are:

• Audio Converter – The audio converter is able to convert audio files into different file formats so they can be compatible with different devices.
• Audio/Video Joiner – This tool is capable of joining together short audio and video files in order to come up with one longer clip.
• Photo Resizer/Converter – This tool allows users to convert their photos to different image file formats or resize them for emailing or sending through email.