Media Controller


Toshiba Media Controller is an application developed by Toshiba for streaming multimedia content on various supported multimedia devices. The program works as the control center for sharing media content between the computer and devices connected to a network. This enables users to stream multimedia content such as music, images, and videos from the computer’s media library to other laptops, TV sets, smartphones, or even media players. Toshiba Media Controller also has a plug-in for Internet Explorer, which allows the streaming of YouTube Flash videos to any connected DLNA-capable devices.

Media Controller works by detecting DLNA-compatible devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. It also has the ability to detect two different DLNA categories – DLNA servers and DLNA clients. DLNA servers are those network storage devices or computers that contain your multimedia content while the DLNA clients are those devices, which play your multimedia files. Users can stream multimedia files by simply dragging-and-dropping the files from one device to another. The program will also list down all the available devices connected to the network. The multimedia files you want to use do not have to be store on your hard drive. The program acts as a multimedia hub for managing your files. All the files you want to use can be managed through the program’s user interface.