MedCalc (32-bit)

MedCalc Software (Shareware)

MedCalc is an application used for statistical analysis. The program is typically used by researchers in the biomedical field who deal with large amounts of data. The program comes with a set of tools and features for dealing with data, regression, curve analysis, and plotting. It comes with its own spreadsheet that consists of more than a hundred thousand rows. Data can be manually added to the program or users can also import information from different types of files, such as text files, Dbase, Excel, and Lotus.

The program has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use for both novice and advanced computer users. It also comes with a comprehensive help file that users can read to have an overview of the program’s capabilities. All the menus and task buttons are located at the upper portion of the main window. Some of the tools included in the application include scores, percentile ranks, variables list, columns, among others.

Here are the other features of the MedCalc program:

• Comes with different types of graphs in the Graph Library including statistical, identification, and others
• Users can access a HTML manual on the application’s official website
• Has a built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor