Medal of Honor Airborne™ by Electronic Arts, Inc.

Electronic Arts Inc. (Proprietary)

Medal of Honor: Airborne™ is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game developed and released in January 2009 by Electronic Arts as part of their Medal of Honor game series. The game is set in World War II with 82ndAirborne Division Private First Class Boyd Travers as the shooter in single player mode. Medal of Honor: Airborne™ also comes with multi-player mode for up to 12 players.

Every Medal of Honor: Airborne™ mission starts on a non-linear path. Mission briefing is done while aboard a plane hold. The player is airdropped from the plane and is given the choice of landing location and a view of the battleground while steering the parachute down. It is up to the player to plan his strategy from the choice of landing location up to the choice of weapons and ground vehicles. Player may also launch airborne attacks while on air.

Medal of Honor: Airborne™ starts with Training Mode followed by 6 campaign missions—Infinite Mischief, The Show, Saved by Sacrifice, The Opening, Young Fools and Flying Through Hail as the final mission. Infinite Mischief or Operation Husky takes place in Adanti, Italy with several missions against the Tropic al Heer Infantry and the Italian Blackshirts. The Show or Operation Avalanche takes place in Paestum, Italy featuring medium to long-range combats. Saved by Sacrifice or Operation Neptune takes place on D-Day in Audouville, France against the Waffen Infantry. The Opening or Operation Market Garden takes place in Nijmegen, Holland with Travers promoted as Corporal. Young Fools or Operation Varsity takes place in a train yard in Essen, Germany against the Nazi Storm Elite. Operation Der Flakturm takes place Germany with the objective of destroying Flak Tower.

Medal of Honor: Airborne™ utilize American, German, and British firearms. American firearms include the Browning Automatic Rifle, Thompson Submachine Gun, and the MK2 grenade. German firearms include the Karabiner K98, MP 40, and the Panzerschreck.

Medal of Honor: Airborne™ utilizes Affordance A.I. in player interactions to allied and enemy soldiers, and the surroundings. This game also uses E-cap or Emotional capture to control A.I. soldiers’ emotions and reactions, and Procedural Awareness System for situational awareness and reactions of A.I. characters to its surroundings.