Zipper Interactive, Inc. (Proprietary)

MechWarrior3 is the third installment in the MechWarrior series of 3D games. It is a mech simulation game played in the first person, with players tasking control of a fully-armored Mech in each of the missions. There are more than 20 missions to accomplish. In this game, players will engage helicopters, tanks, and other Mechs in combat using different projectiles as well as energy weapons. Players can customize their Mechs and have control over almost every aspect of their Mechs’ configuration and components, such as the ammunition and armor type.

In the campaign mode, players acquire weapons, ammunition, and additional parts for their Mechs by taking supplies by force and salvaging enemy Mechs. Players also control up to three members of their squad and issue orders, including move and attack. The weapons and the Mech’s core components may be damaged during combat, so it may also be necessary to return to the mobile bases for repairs.

The bases are called Mobile Field Bases, and aside from repairing damaged Mechs, these carry the players’ supplies. The bases travel with the player during the missions. Each base has a weight limit so players must prudent about what supplies to carry.

MechWarrior3 has an expansion pack with the title Pirate’s Moon. It contains 20 new missions, a new storyline, 6 new Mechs, additional weapons, and new terrains.