Measurement Studio

National Instruments (Proprietary)

Measurement Studio is a program released by National Instruments in 2010. This program contains measurement and test class libraries, wizards and tools that are integrated in a Microsoft Visual Studio environment that supports the access of instrumentation hardware. These tools and class libraries are designed for developers that utilize .NET, ASP.NET, and MFC in order to develop measurement and automation applications. Measurement Studio is used by scientists and engineers to test and run instrumentation devices such as oscilloscopes and spectroscopes.

Measurement Studio has features that enable users to perform various tasks: Instrumentation, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Signal Processing, Visualization, and Networking. For instrumentation, the program supports various applications such as GPIB, VISA, Serial, VXI, Interchangeable Virtual Instruments (IVI), and Instrument Drivers. For Data Acquisition, the program provides tools like multiple and single channel analog output/input, Digital output/input, Counters/timers, High-speed waveform, and acquisition or generation tools.

Measurement Studio has various Data analysis tools such as 2D and 1D array operations, Complex Arithmetic, Statistics, Matrix and Vector Algebra, Curve Fitting, Interpolation, Probability, and Decomposition operations. In addition, the program also has Signal Processing applications such as Signal Generation, Filtering, Windowing, Frequency Domain Analysis, and Time Domain Analysis.

The program also provides tools that allow users to visualize various instrument controls. The tools include Knobs, Switches, Sliders, and 2D and 3D graphs. Other functions include processes used for Networking such as DataSockets, FTP, HTTP, OLE for Process control (OPC), and File I/O.