Measurement and Automation Explorer

National Instruments (Bundled)

Measurement and Automation Explorer is an interface program that enables users to open and read products developed by National Instruments (NI). It can also allow access to software developed by the company. National Instruments is a company that develops productivity software for engineers and scientists. This particular program is usually bundled with NI products. It sets up and organizes the company's products that are purchased by the user. It can generate channels, prepare tasks, and configure interfaces. It can implement diagnostics. It does these to check on errors and find out problems which concern the product. Furthermore, it also updates any NI instrument the program is bundled with.

MAX can provide information to any NI product. Most National Instruments products need MAX for configuration purposes. It also provides Internet support to users who purchased NI products. The "help file" in MAX contain questions and answers that have been collected throguh the years by the company. These are questions that have been asked commonly by people who use NI products and software. The program provides this "help" file through weblinks within the software.

Measurement and Automation Explorer creates a copy of the database file of the software it is bundled with. It can be used to recover the database if it is corrupted.