Mean Girls - High School Showdown 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Mean Girls – High School Showdown is a match-3 puzzle game that is based on the feature-length film Mean Girls. The game was first released in 2009. Aside from the match-3 element of the game, players must also balance the social status of Cady, the main character. This can be done by improving her different battle statistics including strength, luck, endurance, intelligence, and charisma.

The game grid appears whenever players get into a showdown with the characters in the game. On the game grid, players must create matches of three or more of the same symbol to remove them from the grid and build skills. Before beginning the game, players must choose from the four available avatars, which are broody, sexy, nerdy, and artsy. Fifteen points are also given to the player to distribute among the different attributes. As the player beats opponents, skill levels improve and the player’s level also increases. Players also get quests, such as helping teachers with their students, or helping fellow students achieve a goal.

Aside from the main storyline game, players also get to play a different game mode called Versus. In this mode, players get to choose the characters that they get into a showdown with.