MDL Draw

Symyx (Shareware)

MDL Draw is a program that allows scientists to create data related to their field or technical projects. It is basically a chemical structure drawing tool. It is originally used as a component of the application Integrated Scientific Information System (ISIS) /Base and other ISIS programs. The first tool was produced in the year 1990. After the 2002 version, it became Symyx Draw. It is now called as Accelrys Draw.

Scientists and even students can use MDL Draw to make chemical structure drawings. They can export created data for 2D or 3D viewing. It makes use of an exclusive file format with the extension .skc. It may, however, read other chemical file formats, which include MDL molfile, TGfile, and RXNfile.

MDL Draw also features the validation of chemical reactions and calculation of elementary properties. It means users can utilize this tool in calculating weights, creating formula, or interpreting scientific values and other numerical or scientific forms.

The newest version of MDL Draw is Accelrys Draw 4.1. This program has the original functions plus advanced features. Other than simple and complex molecules, it includes the creation and modification of biological sequences, and chemical reactions. It also has options to search specific data, and to archive information.