MDIViewer 3.1

Hansoft (Shareware)

MDiViewer is an application that is used to view MDI files. MDI stands for Microsoft Document Imaging, and it is the file format used by Microsoft in storing the raster images of scanned documents. As a proprietary format, it can only be read by Microsoft software, specifically Microsoft Office Document Imaging, or MODI. MODI is a module included in the 2003 version of Microsoft Office. Users who do not have this office suite installed in their system would need another application like MDiViewer to read MDI files.

In addition to opening MDI format files, this utility can also convert MDI files to other image formats such as JPG, BMP, and PNG. It can also convert images to other formats, such as PDF and TIFF. When converting to PDF, users do not have to install Adobe Acrobat Reader as this utility can also read PDF files. This viewing application has a set of viewing tools that allow users to zoom in and out of images, as well as rotate these as needed.

Users can open MDI files directly from this application through the file browser or by double-clicking on the file in its containing folder. The user interface of MDiViewer is simple and intuitive, providing users with an easy way to access MDI files.