MDI2PDF Converter

BugySoft LTD (Proprietary)

MDI2PDF Converter is an application that allows users to convert Microsoft Document Imaging (MDI) files and other image file types as JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and Bitmap to PDF file format. The MDI file format is commonly used because it takes up less disk space without sacrificing visual quality compared to other image file formats. The images that are converted using this software can be opened directly on the Adobe Acrobat Reader. It has the capability to convert single files and also supports batch processing.

MDI2PDF Converter features a user-friendly interface. Based on the need, the users can select which license they will get as the product has a free version, as well as Light, Pro and Ultra, which are offered for a fee. The interface is a lot similar to Adobe Reader interface so users who have prior experience using that software will not have issues navigating this converter. The main menu has functions for File, View, Tools, and Help. Below that are several icons for opening files, printing documents, changing the file orientation to portrait or landscape, changing the file size, undoing and redoing changes made, and others. The main interface displays the files while the left side shows the files on panel view.