Altered Softworks (Freeware)

MCSkin3D is a real-time skin editing application for the game Minecraft. This application enables users to paint and add texture to their Minecraft profiles. In addition to editing skins, this application also serves as a skin management tool by keeping the user’s Minecraft skins in one location and enabling users to organize them within the application. In addition, it has an upload tool that lets users to upload their created skins directly to the Minecraft site without requiring them to open their browsers.

The application has two viewing modes, namely camera mode and paint mode. In camera mode, users can click the left mouse button to rotate the camera in order to see an item’s different angles. When the right mouse button is clicked or when the mouse wheel is rolled, users can zoom in. In paint mode, users can click the left middle mouse button or scroll to zoom in. The right mouse button will rotate the viewing angle. MCSkin3D has the following additional features:

• Access to free sample and template skins designed by Minecraft players
• Users can create their own customizable skins for their profiles
• Simple and easy to use interface, even for users with minimal 3D graphic skills
• Users can take a portion from one skin and add it to another
• Editing can be done in multiple windows