MCShield ::Anti-Malware Tool:: 3.0

MyCity (Shareware)

MCShield ::Anti-Malware Tool is a free utility designed specifically to deal with worms which spread through removable devices. Malware removal has become a primary concern in the past few years, especially with the increase in incidence of the spread of computer infections due to the wide usage of removable drives such as digital cameras, USB drives, smartphones, etc. This anti-malware utility detects infectious agents before they can infiltrate a computer system. It is a program which is designed to provide infection specific heuristics. The application was created to deal effectively with an infected removable drive.

This antimalware program is lightweight, stable, and proven effective by testing. It is a versatile tool to use because its automatic removal mode works with different types of operating systems.

MCShield ::Anti-Malware Tool is a scanner that can identify and remove worms without slowing down the computer’s other operations. This is a dependable freeware, which detects drives as soon as the removable drive is connected. Any malware that the drive may contain is identified in no time. The scanning speed is reliably fast, which is one of the main features of this utility. It works effectively in fully automatic mode and has a functional interactive mode as well. MCShield ::Anti-Malware Tool  by MyCity is also capable of scanning folders on hard drives.