MCML Animation Explorer

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

The MCML Animation Explorer is an advanced instrument that assists graphic artists and animators. MCML stands for Media Center Markup Language and it is used to define the interface of a program with animation, text contribution, navigation, information binding, and storage for the markup itself. The MCML documents include an interface as a collection of elements. Four attributes are also present in the program interface, namely: Content, Properties, Locals, and Rules. The four traits play diverse roles, from defining what element will be displayed on the screen, to controlling the featured production, to allowing the attributes to be modified.

MCML Animation Explorer is developed to enable users to take a closer look at the keyframes in their animations. A keyframe in an animation is a drawing that outlines the starting and the ending graphics of a planned transition. The group of drawings itself is called “frames” because the drawings are aligned in a series of rectangles on a film strip. The MCML Animation Explorer has a limitless capacity of keyframes. Each frame can be adjusted to a particular value, a type of interpolation, and users can also adjust how it appears on the interface. It also allows users to see the resulting animation or product through a preview tool.